Virtual Receptionist



  • Greets your guests when they arrive and provides them with coffee or water
  • Forwards or holds your mail (based on your preference)
  • Answers your calls/takes messages/forwards calls to voicemail, your cell phone, or your home office
  • Performs all administrative or secretarial work you require
  • Makes photocopies for you/sends faxes/prints material/scans/emails
  • Sends your couriers

The Details

First Executive Centre helps you keep your business organized, even while you are on the go. Our clientele is extremely diverse.  We have business owners who are always mobile, small business owners who do not have an office but prefer one of a virtual nature, and those who simply do not have time to perform their own administrative work.  First Executive Centre’s virtual Floor Associate service helps you remain organized while maintaining a professional image, and takes away the time-consuming burden of administrative work.  Furthermore, with a downtown Calgary address, your company can be in the heart of the financial and energy district without actually physically being there. All of your business mail would come to us and we can provide any meeting rooms you require to meet with your clients.  With years of experience in the serviced office industry, First Executive Centre is committed to excellent quality and client service.  In line with our company values, our Floor Associates understand the requirements of excellent and reliable client service, and have experience working with companies of all sizes and niches, both national and international.

Your Virtual Floor Associate

Your virtual Floor Associate will greet your guests when they arrive, offer them a beverage and a selection of our newspapers and magazines.  Depending on your needs, they will collect your mail and send it to you, or forward it to the address of your choice.  The virtual Floor Associate will also handle your calls in a professional and friendly manner, take messages for you, and forward your calls.  They will also help you with administrative work such as photocopying, faxing, scanning, and printing; she will mail local and international courier and packages in a timely and efficient manner, and assist you with any administrative work your business requires.  All you need to do is ask!