In House Tech Support



  • Full-time in-house IT
  • Rapid response time: telephony and internet issues resolved efficiently
  • Leading edge technology
  • Advanced technological services available
  • Internet/WiFi

The Details

Technical Support

First Executive Centre places great emphasis on providing both state of the art equipment and service, where time is of the essence. First Executive Centre has a well-trained, experienced, full-time in-house IT associate who is responsible not only for the company’s internet service and telephony coordination, and for providing prompt support for client work station applications and network support. Whereas most of our clients take advantage of our on-site support, we realize that some national and international clients with a Calgary branch office may want to use their corporate resources in co-ordination with our associate.

With our experienced associate, the majority of client requests can be quickly resolved. If, however, our associate determines that the problem requires escalation to a higher level of technical expertise, she will at that point, with client’s approval, coordinate with our IT professional team services. First Executive Centre will arrange service in accordance with client instructions and timing constraints. Emergency priority service (1 to 4 hours) for clients is available at a premium rate.  With our large client base, we are given priority for urgent concerns.  For non-emergency escalation calls the normal response time is next day service.

First Executive Centre’s network infrastructure is provided by an established 24/7 international company. Fortunately, in the majority of cases when issues arise that require escalation above our in-house expertise the situations are handled remotely and efficiently.

Secure & Reliable

Our server rooms are secure.  As part of our policy, when clients use their own consultants our associate monitors all server room access.

For basic bandwidth internet we provide E1000, 50 Mbps.  Higher levels of dedicated internet bandwidth are available depending on the requirements of the client.

Controlled WiFi is available throughout the premise.