Business Catering & Business Event Planning



  • Events & meetings
  • Set-up and clean-up
  • Option of coffee and/or water and/or food
  • Menus from local restaurants- a variety of restaurant choices in the downtown core

The Details

Client service excellence is very important to First Executive Centre. We are prepared to go above and beyond to provide our clients with everything they need to make their time at the office more comfortable and efficient, so that they can focus on effectively running their business.  Among other things, First Executive Centre provides business catering for our clients.  We have in-house foodies who will work with you from the simplest to the more complex catering jobs.  The options are limitless:  various Calgary restaurants and catering choices, countless beverage options, and speciality orders.

“How To”

When you book a room with your Floor Associate, simply tell her what you need: water and/or coffee. Over breakfast and lunch, there are more beverage and food options.  If you would like to select your own food, your Floor Associate can provide you with menus of some of the local sources in Calgary’s downtown core.  However, if you know what type of food you want but would rather your Floor Associate take care of the details, she would be happy to do so.  Please advise your Floor Associate if there are any dietary restrictions or food allergies that you are aware of so she can ensure the food ordered is suitable.  And finally, tell your Floor Associate the number of persons in attendance, and once you have confirmed, she will have you sign off on the order, and will take care of the rest.  Your Floor Associate will be responsible for placing the order, organizing the delivery, setting up the boardroom or meeting room, and cleaning up afterwards.  We know our clients often have too much to do to be concerned with organizing catering, so we are happy to handle this for them.

Whether it is for a meeting or special event, business catering is always available.  It is easy and convenient, and your Floor Associate will make sure everything occurs seamlessly, as per your instructions.  Our Floor Associates have experience in business catering and event planning, so our clients are always in good, capable hands! Speak to your Floor Associate to arrange your next meeting or event!  Furthermore, First Executive Centre has on staff a specialized event planner for all of your business needs.