Virtual Phone Service

Virtual Phone ServiceOverview

  • On-site phone answering
  • Answers your calls and either take a message or forward your calls to your voicemail, cell phone or home office
  • Personalized greeting based on client instructions
  • Downtown Calgary address

The Details

First Executive Centre helps you stay connected and stay on budget!  We offer on-site phone answering services to virtual clients between the hours from 8:00am – 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. We have more than 30 years of experience with different businesses and clients, both nationally and internationally.  The benefits of our virtual services are countless: it helps you stay connected anytime and anywhere while reducing your overall costs; it helps you maintain a professional business identity; and, most importantly, it keeps you connected with your clients and business partners so you never have to miss a call.  Floor Associates provide a personalized greeting based on your instructions and your Floor Associate directs or forwards your calls promptly.

One of the best features of having a virtual office with First Executive Centre is the fact that you are able to use our downtown Calgary address as your own.  All of your mail comes to us.  You have the best of both worlds- the convenience and ease of having a virtual office while also having a prestigious downtown Calgary address for your company.

We Aim to Exceed Expectations

First Executive Centre Floor Associates are professional, friendly, and have experience working with businesses from different industries.  Our Floor Associates are committed to providing excellent client service and have exceptional telephone and communication skills.  Floor Associates will answer your calls, and either take a message or forward your calls to your voicemail, cell phone, or home office.  This service is especially useful for small business owners or start-up companies that do not want to deal with additional costs associated with renting an office, hiring an office assistant and purchasing expensive software.