At First Executive Centre, we’ve invested in the latest and most reliable business communications tools. And we configure those tools to suit our clients’ needs, providing them with more options and convenience when communicating with the rest of the world.

Internet and Email

We provide dedicated fibre optic symmetrical business internet powered by commercial grade hardware. Segregated networks between clients and a secure WiFi connection provide enhanced security. Domain registration, email and web hosting services are available at competitive rates.

Printing and Scanning

Our multifunction printers can copy, direct print and scan in colour and scans can be emailed.

Telephone System

Our IP-based telephone system is state of the art. Cell phones can be twinned with your business phone resulting in one number to hand out, one voice mail, and lowered cell minutes. If you will be working off-site for a period of time and have high speed internet access, our associates can answer and screen your calls as if you are at the office.