Travel Arrangements



  • Books all of your hotel accommodations
  • Books the necessary transportation (taxis, flights, etcetera)
  • Assists you plan your trip and help with all of the arrangements
  • Easy and Convenient

The Details

First Executive Centre offers services to make every aspect of our clients’ day more convenient and hassle-free.  Helping our clients with their travel arrangements is one such example.  We have a Floor Associate that is an expert travel planner and can help you with all of your travel needs.  Just speak to your Floor Associate about what you need and she can take it from there!  Whether you are traveling within the province, or need transportation to the Calgary Airport for a national or international flight, we can assist you with whatever you need.  Floor Associates can arrange transportation, such as airfare, buses, trains, and taxis, to ensure you get to where you need to be, and she can also book hotel accommodations.

All You Need to do is Pack!

Whether your travel plans are for business or pleasure, your Floor Associate would be happy to assist you to ensure everything runs smoothly.  Your Floor Associate will take care of all of the details and will add any charges to your monthly invoice.  First Executive Centre takes care of the time-consuming, mundane details so you do not have to spend time searching for airfare or waiting on the phone for the hotel’s reception desk to answer your call.  Here at First Executive Centre we are all about convenience and expediency.  We will get the job done promptly and efficiently so the only thing you will have to worry about is packing your luggage or briefcase.  Speak to your Floor Associate today to make your travel arrangements.