On-site Management


  • Management is always available and on-site during working hours
  • Speedy issue resolution and conflict management
  • Excellent client service

The Details

First Executive Centre headquarters are located on the 29th floor in the First Canadian Centre. It is extremely important for First Executive Centre and management to be in touch with our clients, and to be approachable so that clients know they can always speak to us in person if they have any questions or concerns.  Management is on-site and therefore always available for clients.  It is important for First Executive Centre to be aware of the happenings, and therefore management is involved in all that transpires on our floors.  Since management plays such a prominent role in the day-to-day workings of First Executive Centre, it makes it easier for them to address issues and to accommodate clients.  Management is concerned with creating and nurturing relationships with clients. First Executive Centre prides itself on being familiar and knowledgeable about each of its clients and their business needs.  First Executive Centre establishes individual professional relationships with our clients, which allows us to work with our clients to successfully tailor our services to their individual needs.

Our Open Door Policy

Beth Lennard, First Executive Centre President, and Shirley Hill, the Leasing Manager, always have their doors open to greet clients and discuss any issues they may have. Beth founded First Executive Centre with her husband, Gordon, over 30 years ago, and Shirley has been with the company almost since its inception. Both Beth and Shirley have a great deal of experience in real estate, property management, issue resolution, and conflict management, so our clients are always in good hands.