Office Maintenance and Cleaning


  • Offices are cleaned on a weekly basis (after office hours)
  • Cleaners unlock and re-lock offices when they are done cleaning
  • Simply report any issue to your Floor Associate and she will call maintenance
  • Your Floor Associate will follow-up on issues if need be
  • You will be advised of any sort of maintenance taking place within the building, on your floor, or in your office beforehand
  • Easy, convenient, and secure

The Details

Office Cleaning

First Executive Centre offices are cleaned throughout the week.  Our cleaners unlock clients’ offices in order to clean them, and ensure to lock them once they are finished.  The floors are cleaned, the carpets are vacuumed, and the garbage bins are emptied.  At First Executive Centre, we try to make it as convenient as possible- that is why the cleaning takes place after hours so as to not disrupt you during your busy work day.  Office cleaning is easy, convenient, and secure: you leave at night, the cleaning takes place, and when you come in the next morning, everything is clean. It cannot get much more convenient than that!

Office and Floor Maintenance

Our building also offers on-site maintenance.  This is convenient and enables the almost immediate resolution of issues.  Most minor problems are easily resolved, such as light fixtures, heating, and air conditioning complications.  It is easy to report an issue as well; simply relay any concern to your Floor Associate and she will take care of the rest.  Your Floor Associate will fill out the necessary forms, contact maintenance, instruct them how to proceed, and follow-up with them if need be.

Building Maintenance

At times, there is some building maintenance that occurs, such as work on the alarm and fire detection system, or work on the elevators.  In this situation, your Floor Associate will email you to advise you of any sort of maintenance taking place within the building that you might not otherwise have known about. We believe it is better to be made aware, so that if you are ever working in the evening and the fire alarm goes off, you will know whether it is a drill or not!