Meeting Room / Meeting Space / Meeting Facility


  • Various sizes
  • Easy, convenient, and hassle-free
  • Simply book a room in advance with your Floor Associate
  • Set-up/Clean-up provided
  • Videoconferencing equipment, teleconferencing equipment and white board available

The Details

In addition to our modern offices, First Executive Centre has seven fully furnished boardrooms.  To meet the needs of our diverse clientele, these meeting rooms are arranged and equipped differently.  While our large boardrooms can accommodate up to 10 people, our small boardrooms are designed for your intimate meetings and can sit up to four people.  Designed with our clients’ big meetings and presentation needs in mind, the large boardrooms are equipped with state of the art equipment such as video conferencing software, telephone conferencing software, and pull-down screens.  All boardrooms have Wi-Fi connection and telephone conferencing capabilities.

Let Us Take Care of It.

Coffee and water is available upon request at the time of booking for both small and large meetings.  We also provide catering services, which means that all you need to do is inform your Floor Associate of your food and beverage preferences, along with any dietary restrictions and food allergies that you are aware of, and she will make sure that everything is set up for you before your meeting.  The clean-up afterwards is taken care of so you really do not have to worry about a thing!  We provide full technical support as well, before and during your meetings, to help your meetings go as smoothly as possible.

All You Have To Do is Pick a Room.

Should you need a meeting room or boardroom, all you have to do is book a room with your Floor Associate.  The booking is done on a first-come first-serve basis so it is best to book your room as soon as you know the meeting time and date.  However, if you do not know this information in advance, it is not a problem- your Floor Associate is more than happy to accommodate last minute bookings.  If there is no boardroom available on your floor, please do not despair, as you can always book a room on another floor, so finding a meeting room is never an issue!