Audiovisual Equipment/AV Equipment



  • The most up-to-date equipment
  • Videoconferencing available
  • Media Scape room- up to 6 people can collaborate on a project
  • Presentation equipment (projector, TV screens, and Media Scape
  • Eno Smart Board- Interactive Whiteboard

The Details

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is available in the boardroom on the 8th floor in our First Canadian Centre location. Two screens allow viewers to observe the originating group on one screen while parties can be conferenced in on the second screen. Our First Executive Centre Magor system is compatible with other SIP and H323 systems, offering our clients the newest levels of video conferencing. First Executive Centre is always striving to provide our clients with cutting edge technology to make their business dealings easier and more efficient.

The Media Scape room also serves as a small meeting room on the 8th floor in our First Canadian Centre location.  The Media Scape setup provides for up to six participants, each with a laptop, to sit at the table facing the viewing screens.  Although there are only two screens, there are 6 pucks used for connection to either one of the two screens.  For a participant to display their page it is simply a matter of pushing connect. Throughout the years, we have found that this equipment is particularly of interest to lawyers.

The Eno Smart Board

The Eno smart board is available in our boardroom on the 29th floor of our First Canadian Centre location.  The Eno smartboard is 48” x 64” and is an interactive white board which allows for use as a white board using special Eno pens coupled with the ability to capture the image on a thumb-drive memory stick using the computer found in the credenza.  The Eno is particularly useful in meetings where there are different topics under discussion, leading to several or more pages where the retention of data is important.  The use of the interactive Eno board requires that the projector be set in place which is normally done by our IT specialist.  The Eno board is readily used simply as a white board, requiring only the use of a different type of marker.