Dry Cleaning Arrangements


  • You simply leave your dry cleaning with your Floor Associate
  • Your Floor Associate returns your dry cleaning to you within 3 business days
  • We will take care of the individual bills; you will be invoiced on a monthly basis
  • We have an agreement with Fishman’s dry cleaning company
  • Convenient and simple

The Details

First Executive Centre offers many services geared specifically for our clients. As a result of client feedback, we now offer a new service:  dry cleaning.  First Executive Centre has initiated a relationship with Fishman’s Personal Care Cleaners in Calgary to provide our clients with guaranteed efficient and reliable service.  Like First Executive Centre, Fishman’s is a family-operated business and has been around for decades.  Also like First Executive Centre, Fishman’s offers top-quality service at competitive prices.

It is Simple and Convenient

You simply need to express interest in this service to your Floor Associate, who will then provide you with a Fishman’s laundry bag.  You then place all of the items you would like cleaned in your personal laundry bag.  Leave the bag with your Floor Associate and she will take care of the rest!  She will ensure Fishman’s picks up your bag and is made aware of any special instructions you might have left with her.  For instance, if you would like an alteration made or if you would like something repaired, your Floor Associate can relay this to Fishman’s so you do not need to worry.  Within three business days, your freshly cleaned or laundered items will be returned to you, along with your laundry bag for future use.

First Executive Centre tries to make all of our services as simple and convenient as possible for our clients so as to help their businesses run as smoothly as possible.  That is why we have arranged it so you do not have to worry about providing credit card information or paying individual bills; First Executive Centre will take care of the bills for you!  You will merely be invoiced on a monthly basis for this service.